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We are a successful and profitable family owned business. We treat everyone as family.

We sell quality building structure products at reasonable prices.

We measure success not by the profits we make but by the quality of our relationships with our employees, customers, suppliers and community and by the quality of our products and services.

Our business is our playground. We play to win while having fun with everyone involved with us. Life is good and we show it.

We want to be trusted day one and we treat everyone the same way.

We don’t build exciting products. We build exciting relationships!

Have fun by trusting us with your building structure needs.


  1. TRUST : Without trust there is no relationship
  2. PASSION : Life is good and we share our passion in everything we say and do
  3. SHARING : Relationships are built on sharing what we have and know
  4. LEARNING : We learn from everyone under every circumstance everyday
  5. QUALITY : Quality experiences with quality products = Quality relationships
  6. FAMILY : We treat everyone we trust as family and our family has fun together
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Always get more with Stross

Our products exceed National Building Code of Canada standards.

These products include roof trusses, interior and exterior insulated walls and joists for residential, commercial, multi-unit, institutional and agricultural sectors.


Due to changes in how residential, commercial and farm buildings are made, roof trusses have become an increasingly important structural element.

We manufacture and design customized roof trusses based on our clients’ specific needs. There are endless possibilities in terms of structural design, complexity and variety.


Our walls are manufactured with care in a climate-controlled factory and insulated. There’s also the option of inserting additional rock wool or mineral wool insulation.

Our wall varieties include:

  • Wood or steel stud walls
  • Load-bearing walls
  • Party walls
  • Fire walls



Today’s building trend is to construct large open spaces, and floor structures need to be designed accordingly. Joists are one of the adaptable elements that allow technical services to assess and design these large open spaces. There are several types, with varying height and length.

LVL beams and columns together with joists make it possible to build these expansive open spaces.

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STROSS Services

Always get more with Stross

In addition to structural components, we offer outstanding customer service focused on meeting client needs. Our team ensures your project runs smoothly at each step of the process, right to the end. Stross’s team is your dedicated partner to the end.

The Stross approach

Plan and estimate

We conduct a quick assessment to ensure the efficiency and optimization of your structure. Then we submit a full proposal with a fair price. With Stross, there are no surprises.

Design and manufacturing

We perform a second, in-depth assessment with the installer and client to confirm all technical details before final approval.

Next, we begin manufacturing. Our equipment and production team guarantee top quality products.


This is a very important project phase and requires careful planning. Our team works with all parties involved to verify the proper integration of all elements and ensure a complete delivery at the right place and the right time.

After sales service

We offer this service from the get-go. It is not intended to simply fix oversights here and there as fast as possible. The main purpose is to inform, advise and help the installer and the client save time and money. Working with Stross means being part of the family before, during and after the sale.

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Quick quotes

Always get more with Stross

We take the time to gather as much information as possible. This helps us draw up a detailed and accurate quote.

If needed, we can help you formulate your request. We do our utmost to avoid “approximately” and “roughly” and prioritize certainties.

To submit a request, just fill out our simple online form. You can also reach us at 450-245-7575

Try the Stross Structure quote process—satisfaction guaranteed!

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The STROSS foundation is our way of demonstrating how we fullfill our values of sharing with our extended family.

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By supporting individuals, organizations and communities in taking small measures to support education and healthcare in our community we aspire to make a change.

Proud donor of two $2,000 scholarships in each of the following disciplines: Automated Manufacturing Engineering and Construction Engineering.


SOURCE-OR sponsor for the 22nd Arrêt-Source benefit event, an initiative to help women in difficulty, which was held at the Cabaret du Casino de Montréal on November 30.

At STROSS we tell ourselves that to feel good, we need to do good.